Hours Needed for Annual Certification

To maintain certification as an Ozaukee Master Gardener, submit your education hours and service hours annually and pay your annual dues.


The annually required minimum hours:  

  • 24 hours of service (of which at least 10 hours must be in support of OMG projects/committees)

  • 10 hours of continuing education. 


NEW TRAINEES: You will need only service hours for your first year. 


Record and report ALL YOUR HOURS, not just the minimum.  It is important for our Ozaukee Master Gardener program to be able to reference the full strength of our volunteer corps as we report annually to the state.  We also annually recognize volunteers whose cumulated service hours reach 150 or more.


Service hours - We are a volunteer organization committed to horticulture education. Our projects are very important teaching tools for members of the public.  When you note your service hours online, include the date, project and task. Commuting time cannot be counted. Here are a few of the experiences that qualify as service hours: 

  • Working on a task at an approved OMG core project. 

  • Attending an OMG committee meeting and/or preforming a committee task. 

  • As a member of the OMG Executive Board, attending meetings and/or performing board tasks.


Continuing education hours - You must accumulate 10 hours of continuing education hours each year. This helps to assure that volunteers are staying abreast of new information, and learning about new gardening techniques as well. When you note your hours online, include the date, topic/location/sponsor and the length of the presentation you attended, or to which you listened. Here are just some of the experiences that qualify as continuing education hours:

  • Attending a presentation by a speaker at an OMG monthly general meeting. 

  • Taking part in a special learning opportunity provided by OMG, such as an orchid seminar. 

  • Reading an article on the Wisconsin Master Gardener website and leave a comment noting something you learned for 1/2 an hour of continuing education credit. If an article does not have a comment option, it is not eligible for continuing education hours. 

  • Completing a Plants Plus Level 2 Training Course and take a short online quiz for two hours of continuing education credit.  

  • Listening to the weekly radio show “Garden Talk” with Larry Meiller on WHAD 90.7 FM. (Fridays, 11am to 12:30pm)  If you are unable to listen to the show live, you can access recorded shows in the Garden Talk Archive.

If you have a question on whether an activity not mentioned above qualifies as either continuing education or service, please call the OMG Administrative Office (262) 284-8288.