Become a Master Gardener

The registration deadline for Foundations in Horticulture- Growing and Caring for Your Plants in Wisconsin is August 13, 2021. 

Foundations in Horticulture is an online course which teaches you researched based methods to grow your plants and manage pests. We introduce a decision making framework that focuses on understanding how plants best grow, why pests and problems happen, and how to do our best to keep plant problems from happening. We emphasize using your brain, common sense, and elbow grease rather than the spray bottle on the plants you grow inside and out. You really can have healthy plants and a healthy planet at the same time!

Whether you are a beginner or avid gardener, you and your plants will benefit from this.

The class is $299 and is virtual.  For more information please contact  or 608.265.4536.


Master Gardeners volunteer at venues such as the Ozaukee County Fair to share their knowledge and expertise,.