Open Leadership Positions


We currently have four open leadership positions:

1. Editor of the BEST DIRT Newsletter

The Best Dirt is a digital newsletter for Ozaukee Master Gardeners which is produced three times a year. The editor should expect to devote approximately 10 -12 hours per issue. Previous newsletter experience would be helpful. Currently, we are using Swift Publisher to create our newsletter but we would be open to suggestions. These volunteer hours will count towards your yearly total of volunteer hours.

Interested? Let Heidi know at heidi.janous at

2. Pioneer Village Project Lead

This OMG Project is located on Hwy I north of Saukville and south of Fredonia.  Pioneer Village is a historic setting with numerous planted beds which the OMGs design and maintain.  We also maintain the flowers by the sign on Hwy I.  An herb bed was established and the OMGs developed a brochure which was used by the Historical Society. This may need recreating or consideration for different approaches. Currently, there are less than 10 volunteers for this project. Active months for this project are April-October, the remaining months are dormant. Total hours needed on this project depend on the site’s needs and future development.

Interested? Let Heidi, or Laurie Yingling (lauriemyingling at or Sue Kinas (suekinas61 at know

3. Education Committee Chair

Due to 2020’s challenge with COVID, this committee will be retooled.  In the past, it has sourced our monthly Speaker Series’ distinguished speakers.  It has also worked with community libraries with various activities. In the past, field trips were handled by this committee. Currently, we have it on temporary hold while we rethink the direction this will take.

We do know that the Speaker Series is being covered by Erin Schanen for 2021.  She is actively lining up fabulous speakers so we do not have a lapse in delivering quality speakers to the OMGs and community.  The other parts of this committee will be retooled as we understand how COVID will affect they way we educate and reach out to the community.

Interested? Please let Heidi (heidi.janous at, Walt Schmitz (waltschmitz at or Sue Kinas (suekinas61 at know!

4. Hales Trails Community Garden Project Lead and Apprentice

This will most likely be a new project for the OMGs in 2021.  This is an existing community garden in the heart of Port Washington on the Interurban Bike Trail.  The OMGs will assist in creating Education Programming Series for the full gardening season, promoted via both city and OMG as well as local media outlets and Facebook sites.

We will be granted two plots for vegetable growing for donation to local food pantry facilitiy. Additional volunteers may work in these gardens and assist community garden members who have questions and need guidance.

Project Manager plus additional person as needed for monthly newsletter, programming oversight and liaise between garden and city.

Interested? Please let Heidi (heidi.janous at or Sue Kinas (suekinas61 at know!

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