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Become a Master Gardener


Training to become an Ozaukee Master Gardener

MG Training-resource


Complete “Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin: Foundations in Gardening” led and facilitated by UW Extension Horticulture Educators. Covers the objectives and subjects in the Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener Program Onboarding exam.

Registration: July-August, Course: September-August


Enroll in the Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener Program Onboarding course that introduces the requirements of the Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener Program. Complete the entrance exam with a score of 70% or better. Onboarding course is only available January through March, annually.


Contact Ozaukee Master Gardeners Association at to join. To become Certified for the following year, report at least 24 hours of volunteer service and at least 10 hours of continuing education into the ORS (WI MG Online Reporting System) by December 31.


To help offset the cost of training, OzMG provides stipends for new members who apply and complete requirements. Click button below for the application.  

foundations-in-gardening copy.jpg


- General Gardening Practices

- Integrated Pest Management

- Soils

- Botany

- Insects

- Plant Diseases

- Wildlife

- Weeds

- Herbaceous &

  Woody Ornamentals

- Houseplants & Containers

- Fruits

- Vegetables

- Lawns

STEP 1: 

2023 UW-Extension Master Gardener Program

Course: Foundations in Gardening


- Early Bird - $299 (CLOSED)

$100 need-based scholarships available

- Regular - $325 (CLOSED)

What you get:

 - An electronic version of the manual

 - Access to course material through 8/31/24 

 - Course is “at your own pace”

 - Suggested calendar guides to finish 12/9/23

 - Online course using Canvas (Online Classroom/Zoom)

 - Optional Labs:

Dig deeper into important course concept - $40

Apply concepts to real-life situations (via Zoom)

 - Optional Extra: Hard copy of manual - $33

STEP 2: (Register by February 2, 2024)

Master Gardener Onboarding course

Sign-up for Updates to receive registration information.

What you do:

- Set up access to Canvas (UW online classroom)

- Complete 7 training modules about Ext. MG program

- Pass entrance exam (70% or better)




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