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Kuhefuss House Labor of Love...Beauty Abounds!

Written by OzMG Member Susie Granzow

The Kuhefuss House welcomes many museum visitors each year. OzMG volunteers lovingly maintain the gardens behind the home. We don't have records of what was grown in the 1840s but try to showcase plants that would most likely be found in any kitchen garden of that era.

A typical workday in the backyard gardens focuses on "sprucing up" the plots. At one such visit, volunteers dug out two 6-8’ trees, cut back and pulled Dutchman’s Breeches vines off hydrangeas, hostas, and an evergreen tree. They weeded, pruned, and removed excess geraniums from the rose garden. They weeded under a tree hydrangea, trimmed autumn clematis, and removed runaway vines in the patio area. The kitchen garden, where herbs and edible flowers are grown, was weeded, flowers deadheaded, and pruned. Shrubs and understory trees were removed from the south border. And lastly, hellebores, sedum, and hibiscus in the driveway area were checked. They were declared to be in "great shape"!

Following are some photos of the gardens from Susie Granzow, project chair…ENJOY!


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